Assist Kings & Hammer of God

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About This Project

Assist Kings & Hammer of God is the project that iRLFB represent for seven players in football who are explode in passing skill. Their potential in football can indicate the game to dead or alive like the thunder power of Zeus.

Football has many important aspects that make the base of the game. Scoring goals is important to win the games but making those goals is just as important. Players who assist the goals are called “Assist Kings”. And these players who set up the goals are just as important as the ones who facilitate of scoring the goals.


Remember ! These players can change the game !


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“Assist Kings & Hammer of God” is the NFT project. All character are design by half and half body and it looks like chibi drawing style with 2:3 ratio. Craft by heart, hand by hand, and no any program generate. Unique guarantee and suitable for collect with most value.



Project Roadmap 1.0

Period : Aug’22 – Oct’22, we’ll release each assist kings during the period as the following list below,


  1. KDB Kevin De BruyneReleased
  2. Luka ModricReleased
  3. TAA Trent Alexander-Arnold
  4. Thomas Muller
  5. Joshua Kimmich
  6. Marco Reus
  7. Xavi


All digital arts are include thunder exposure background & transparent background as a bundle.



New Added

August 18, 2022