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About This Project

“Strikers could be decided the match”. Is this true or false ?


Exclusive ! iRLFB labs has released a new NFT project called “9Strikers.” See the collection on Opensea CLICK


“9Strikers” is the NFT project that represents the most famous 9 players of striker who are expose phenomenon in football. All character are design by Chibi drawing style with 2:3 ratio. Craft by heart, hand by hand, and no any program generate. Unique guarantee and suitable for collect with most value.


Nine strikers, they are intuitive striker, destroy any greatest defender, always being the score hunter, and all of them are impact and inspire football fans around the world.
Find out with us whether the striker could be decided the game ?!!



Project Roadmap 1.0

Period : July’22 – Aug’22


iReallyLikeFootball.com, we’ll release each striker during the period as the following list below,


  1. L.Suarez – Atlentico Madrid – Released
  2. M.Salah – Liverpool – Released
  3. R.Lewandovski – Bayern Munich – Released
  4. Z.Ibrahimovic – AC Milan – Released
  5. K.Benzema – Real Madrid – Released
  6. K.Mbappe – PSG – Released
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United – Released
  8. Lionel Messi – PSG – Released
  9. Neymar Jr. – PSG
    1. Golden hair edition – Released
    2. Black hair edition – Released




September 1, 2022



Project Roadmap 2.0

Period : Sep’22 – Oct’22


*** Unpack the G.O.A.T. players !!!

YES !!! Don’t missed !!! Exclusive in the exclusives.

The golden ERA, phenomenon in world of football.


  1. C.Ronaldo – Real Madrid (season 2014)Released
  2. L.Messi – Barcelona (season 2014)Released


Keep your eyes open !



October 28, 2022

October 24, 2022