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About This Project

Project Status: Always on (serve content every 2-4 weeks)


We are group of football fans. we are football addicted who are love and crazy in football.

Since 2017, we decide to start a project name “iRLFB” to develop website football’s content in objective to share our football stories in our styles under the based slogan…

“Football brings people together and strengthens a life.”

The website name ‘s “” that contains football columns, articles, news, and talk everything about world of football.

We craft all by heart and hope everyone enjoy with it!



Lasted publish

Yasuhito Endo, the legend of Japanese football

iRLFB Artworks 20


If the world is fair, Holland must win the World Cup once in their life

iRLFB Artworks 19


The days when Juventus were black and white like a zebra… literally.








Project Roadmap 1.0

Release : Jan’17

Official website football article name “” has been launched as worldwide. The website initial trial football’s content and article based on specific topics for story of Liverpool Football Club & football fans. After that, we provide more contents nder the four categories:

  • General talk
  • Liverpool talk
  • Bragging before the game
  • Talk after the game



Project Roadmap 1.1

Release : Mar’18

Add new category “Legend Player” to serve the content of classic story and football vintage. Also storytelling of football stars in the pass. For example,



Project Roadmap 1.2

Release : Dec’18

Add new category “Serie A Cafe” to serve the content of Football Italy Calcio Serie A. For example,



Project Roadmap 1.3

Period Jan’19

Add new feature “I REALLY LIKE CLIPS” to serve clips of Football content, highlight cut-off and also FIFA football game incredible shots! Have fun!!!